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Стрелка How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a Sony/Ericsson Mobile (Cellular) Phone

SonyEricssonSony/Ericsson 388 How to build a programming interface (PCBs and schematics).
Sony/Ericsson C902 How to remove back cover, battery, SIM and memory card to get the LCD screen replaced.
Sony/Ericsson D750/K750/W800 Change the colour of the LED flash.
Sony/Ericsson D750/K750/W800 Ripped apart: an illustrated dissection tutorial.
Sony/Ericsson K300i An illustrated step-by-step disassembly guide.
Sony/Ericsson K510i An illustrated take apart and LCD screen changement guide.
Sony/Ericsson K530i Mobile phone take apart and repair guide.
Sony/Ericsson K600i Illustrated disassembly and LCD repair guide.
Sony/Ericsson K610i Disassembly pictures and instructions.
Sony/Ericsson K610i Disassembly and LCD screen repair and replacement manual.
Sony/Ericsson K700 An illustrated guide for opening the housing.
Sony/Ericsson K700i Illustrated step-by-step dismantling HOWTO.
Sony/Ericsson K700i/K750i/T300/T610 Joystick replacement HOWTO (in German).
Sony/Ericsson K700i A step-by-step take apart guide with detailed pictures (in German).
Sony/Ericsson K750i How to open the case, clean and repair a drowned mobile phone.
Sony/Ericsson K750i A complete disassembly guide, with good quality pictures explaining every single step (in German).
Sony/Ericsson K750 How to open the housing: here is a nice guide for all who like to take expensive things apart.
Sony/Ericsson K750 A guide to repair a possible camera problem.
Sony/Ericsson K750 Change the colour of the keypad backlight with a piece of plastic.
Sony/Ericsson K750i Take apart instructions and illustrations.
Sony/Ericsson K750i Headset - 3.5mm jack modding with pictures.
Sony/Ericsson K750i Video guide on modding your K750i phone to a W800i, save some money and do it yourself (in Chinese) [Video]!
Sony/Ericsson K770 This tutorial tells how to substitute the LCD screen.
Sony/Ericsson K800i Take apart picture gallery.
Sony/Ericsson K800i Removal of housing and replacement of LCD screen, a very detailed manual with pictures showing all the tools and tricks to do a professional disassembly.
Sony/Ericsson K810i An illustrated LCD replacement and dissection guide.
Sony/Ericsson K850i LCD replacement and disassembly guide.
Sony/Ericsson M600i An illustrated rip apart and assembly guide (in German).
Sony/Ericsson P1i An illustrated disassembly and LCD replacement guide.
Sony/Ericsson P800 Take apart instructions.
Sony/Ericsson P800 Disassembly and upgrading videos (in Italian).
Sony/Ericsson P800 Dismantling instructions and pictures.
Sony/Ericsson P900 Soldering wires of the handset.
Sony/Ericsson P908 Disassembly pictures (in Chinese).
Sony/Ericsson P900/910 Replacing housing & prepping it for a custom paintjob.
Sony/Ericsson P900/910 How to dissect the mobile phone, an illustrated explanation.
Sony/Ericsson P910 How to take the mobile phone apart, includes picture gallery.
Sony/Ericsson P910i All the tools and tricks needed to get screen of the cellullar phone exchanged.
Sony/Ericsson S500i An illustrated disassembly and screen replacement tutorial.
Sony/Ericsson S700c Disassembly pictures (in Chinese).
Sony/Ericsson T200 Tips and tricks for dissection and screen replaclement.
Sony/Ericsson T300 A concise dissection guide with high resolution photos (in German).
Sony/Ericsson T600 Disassembly picture gallery.
Sony/Ericsson T608 Disassembly pictures and JTAG schematics.
Sony/Ericsson T610/616/618 An illustrated explanation of a dissection.
Sony/Ericsson T610 Illustrated disassembly guide.
Sony/Ericsson T610 [PDF] How to achieve a cover (aka fascia or housing) replacement, an illustrated guide.
Sony/Ericsson T610 An opening tutorial with pictures.
Sony/Ericsson T610 How to hack a mobile phone camera to make it sensitive to Infrared as well as the Visible wavelengths of light.
Sony/Ericsson T610 This guide explains how to take apart the mobile phone and repair a wobbly joystick contact (in German).
Sony/Ericsson T610/T630 Pimp your mobile: how to convert a broken T610 into a stylish T630 with aluminium cover (in German).
Sony/Ericsson T610/630 Take apart tutorial with pictures (in German).
Sony/Ericsson T610/T630 Camera lens mod: a lens conversion HOWTO.
Sony/Ericsson T630 Detailed dismantle instructions and pictures.
Sony/Ericsson T630 Here are some video instructions to get the keypad replaced.
Sony/Ericsson T650i Mobile phone LCD replacement and disassembly guide with good pictures.
Sony/Ericsson T720 Faceplate flashing: a short video guide.
Sony/Ericsson W200i Take apart and display replacement tutorial.
Sony/Ericsson W300i A disassembly walkthrough and replacement guide for housing and LCD screen.
Sony/Ericsson W350i To get the screen replaced: first remove the battery cover, battery, memory card etc. than remove the two screws you see. Now you can take off the flip, it should pop off very easily. Tools required: Torx 5 screwdriver, Phillips size 0 screwdriver.
Sony/Ericsson W580i An LCD replacement guide with take apart illustrations.
Sony/Ericsson W660i Disassembly and LCD replacement guide, with detailed take apart pictures.
Sony/Ericsson W760i Run your fingernail along the edge of the join of the front cover and start the dissection at the top as there are two hooks at the bottom of the cellphone cover. It will be damaged otherwise.
Sony/Ericsson W810i Full disassembly and LCD replacement guide with photos.
Sony/Ericsson W850i Housing change and LCD screen replacement guide with detailed pictures.
Sony/Ericsson W890i All you need to know to get the LCD screen exchanged.
Sony/Ericsson W900i An illustrated dissection and LCD replacement manual.
Sony/Ericsson W910i This guide explains how to take the cell phone apart (partly) and change the LCD.
Sony/Ericsson W950i This guide explains all the steps required to take the cellphone apart and replace the LCD.
Sony/Ericsson W960i Got questions about taking apart this mobile phone? This illustrated HOWTO knows the answers.
Sony/Ericsson Z520 All the knowledge you need to get the housing replaced.
Sony/Ericsson Z600 Complete take apart guide with illustrations.
Sony/Ericsson Z800/V800 V800 to Z800 conversion: how to open the V800 faceplate (using a credit card) in order to change for the ugly black casing to a new Z800 faceplate.

EricssonEricsson A1018 An illustrated take apart tutorial.
Ericsson A1018s An illustrated dissection.
Ericsson A2618 Opening guide with pictures.
Ericsson A2618s Disassembly pictures.
Ericsson A2628s An illustrated dismantling.
Ericsson GA318 Pictures from an autopsy.
Ericsson GA628 Images from inside the cellphone.
Ericsson GA628 Step-by-step disassembly pictures.
Ericsson GF337 Take apart picture gallery.
Ericsson GF388 Pictures of a dissection.
Ericsson GF768 Pictures from the inside.
Ericsson GF788 Take apart picture gallery.
Ericsson GH337 An illustrated dissection.
Ericsson GH388 Disassembly images.
Ericsson GH688 An illustrated case opening.
Ericsson R310 Dismantling and reaassembly guide with pictures.
Ericsson R310s A take apart picture gallery.
Ericsson R320 Illustrated take apart tutorial.
Ericsson R320s Pictures from opening the phone.
Ericsson R380 Take apart HOWTO and image gallery.
Ericsson R380s Take apart picture gallery.
Ericsson R520 An illustrated opening tutorial.
Ericsson R520m Picture gallery showing how to open the case.
Ericsson T10s SMS Remote Control: With this circuit you can control up to 8 devices, by sending a specific SMS message with any mobile phone. This is very usefull in places where we have no wired telephone line. You can switch-ON , OFF or Restart servers, ADSL modems, printers, doors with electric locks, garage doors, house lights, water pumps, electric sunshades, block the engine of your car or your motorcycle in case they have been stolen.
Ericsson T10/18 An illustrated take apart HOWTO.
Ericsson T18 Stripping instructions and pictures.
Ericsson T18s Take apart illustrations.
Ericsson T2x LCD display schematics and disassembly images.
Ericsson T20 Opening instructions and pictures.
Ericsson T20s Pictures from the inside.
Ericsson T28 Take apart HOWTO with illustrations.
Ericsson T28 Pictures from under the hood, opening instructions and tools.
Ericsson T28 VCR remote control via SMS: imagine it, it's 3:15 on a weekday afternoon and you've just realised you've forgotten to set the video to tape 'Pet Rescue'. Usually you would be condemned to an afternoon of misery and disappointment, knowing you had no heartwarming cute animal stories to come home to. But not any more. Here is a description of a simple interface between a T28 mobile phone (ME) and Matsui VX770 VCR to allow remote recording of programmes.
Ericsson T28 Here is a detailed guide to convert a service cable to a data cable and vice versa.
Ericsson T28s An illustrated opening.
Ericsson T29 Complete step-by-step dismantling HOWTO with images.
Ericsson T29s An illustrated dismantling.
Ericsson T39 Taking apart and replacing a broken microphone.
Ericsson T39 Dismantling tutorial illustrated.
Ericsson T39m Take apart picture gallery.
Ericsson T39m An illustrated take apart tutorial.
Ericsson T68i Face plate change, screen replacement, internal antenna change.
Ericsson T68i/T68m How to paint the cover in silver, removing the faceplate, disassembling guide.
Ericsson T68/68i Disassembly picture gallery.
Ericsson T68m When this cellphone is fully dissambled you should have a total of 22 major pieces including screws, at least when following this completeley illustrated take apart tutorial.
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