Просмотр полной версии : EFS Pro v1.3.2 - Advanced '/efs' Backup and Restore!

17.10.2012, 19:37
EFS Pro - For Samsung Android Devices

Резервное копирование и Восстанавление 'папки '/efs' Вашего Устройства!

Important: Make sure your device screen is on as you will be prompted for Superuser permissions whilst using Backup and Restore features of EFS Pro!

Also make sure your device is NOT in Mass Storage Mode or Backup and Restore functions will fail.

Supports Backup and Restore of Partition Image (*.img) and Compressed TAR Archive (*.tar) formats.

Automatically detects saved EFS Backups on Device and PC for hassle free restoring.

Re-Scan option to refresh Backup list for restoring Backups.

Automatically Re-Mounts '/efs' folder with Read/Write permissions during restore for users 'stuck' with Read Only permissions.

Automatic detection and prompting of Mass Storage Mode.

Automatic detection and termination of SAMSUNG Kies application on startup.

Supports Multiple Backup handling.

Option to Format '/efs' partition before restoring an EFS Backup.

Displays Device, ROM and BusyBox information on startup.

Make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your PC.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7.
Changes / Improvements:

EFS Pro v1.3.2
1. Added: EFS Pro can now use an internal version of BusyBox when performing Backup and Restore operations.

2. Fixed: A few minor bugs in the code.

3. Experimental: Since EFS Pro can use an internal BusyBox instead of the one on the device, only use this option if you experience hanging or freezing when performing backup and restore operations. This may or may not reslove the issue but increases compatibility with your device and EFS Pro.

EFS Pro v1.2.6
1. Added: EFS Pro now supports multithreading. UI should not lock up as much now.

2. Added: Device Info button to display devices info in the Log window at will.

3. Changed: Optimized and colour coded the Log and made it clearer to look at.

4. Added: Automatic detection and termination of the SAMSUNG Kies process.

5. Fixed a few bugs in several areas of the code.

EFS Pro v1.1.5
1. Fixed: A few bugs relating to Mass Storage Mode detection while using 'Restore EFS' function.

2. Fixed: An unhandled exception where EFS Pro would crash on startup under certain conditions. Exception is now handled and Debug info will be output to the Log window.

EFS Pro v1.1.4
1. Added: Mass Storage Mode detection during Backup scanning on application start, when Backing Up and when Restoring Backups. A prompt will be displayed if this occurs.

2. Added: BusyBox version will now be displayed on startup with ROM and Device info. Used for debugging.

3. Improved: EFS Backup and EFS Restore routine handling and optimized the code in several places.

EFS Pro v1.0.3
1. Fixed - An issue on some devices where the Backup list for Restoring Backups would not populate device Backups correctly.

2. Updated - ADB drivers updated to Latest (R8).

EFS Pro v1.0.2
1. Fixed - EFS Pro failed on Backup / Restore with message: 'No PERM ROOT Access'. This occured for CF-Root users mainly. Insecure Kernels are now fully supported.

EFS Pro v1.0.1
Initial Release.
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